How an Executive Coach used yüMIvü to assist an aerospace company with their leadership transition planning

To prepare for the succession of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a USD$50-million aerospace parts manufacturer hired Gordon Smith, a talent development coach for the Mullikin Group, to help the senior leadership team prepare to take charge of the business. The Mullikin Group is a national executive coaching and leadership development firm providing clients with… Read More

How the Mullikin Group helped a large law firm reduce team friction using the yüMIvü for High Performance Teams

When administrative leaders of one of American Lawyer magazine’s Top 100 law firms struggled to collaborate, they turned to the Mullikin Group for help. The Mullikin Group is a leading executive coaching and leadership development group based in Kansas City, Mo. The firm provides clients with a balanced team of experienced and enthusiastic coaches as… Read More

How yüMIvü made our own marketing and sales meetings more productive

When our own Collaborative Insights marketing and new business team struggled to communicate, we turned to our own platform to help us overcome our conflict. View the Case Study.