Work the Way You’re Wired.

yüMIvü provides actionable insights into yourself and those around you to make collaboration the best it can be.

Better Chemistry Collection

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1:1 Share-and-Compare

Understand your commonalities and differences with someone else or a group. Insights dynamically refresh when group makeup changes so you’re always set for success.

Friction Finder

Keep unproductive friction from happening by comparing individual wiring and pointing out where friction may occur. Insights suggest how to reroute conflict and collaborate in ways comfortable for all.

Staying Motivated

Compare how motivators differ, complement, and create challenges for the team. Coaching tailored to the group makes sure you can support individual contributions and build team chemistry.

Better Meetings Collection

Add Better Meetings to understand how your meeting attendees are uniquely “wired” and get guidance for meetings with strong engagement, outcomes, and agreement.

Achieving Buy-In

Elevates the commitment to group decisions by matching people chemistry to the decision process.

Meeting Management

Aligns the meeting approach with attendee makeup, enhancing engagement and minimizing the risk of costly, unproductive meetings.

Full Microsoft Outlook Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook Calendar to identify invitees, create meeting-specific guidance, and send Insights by email prior to the meeting.

Better Teams Collection

Better Teams builds strong collaboration by identifying the People Chemistry factors key to team success, and then sharing them across common, daily business activities.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Works within Microsoft Teams guiding on the People Chemistry factors related to Communication, Approach, Consistency, Perspectives, Confidence, Flexibility, and Focus Meters.

Project Chemistry

Identify “Common Ground” approaches as project success often depends more on the compatibility of team members than their capabilities.

Workflow Friction

Helps identify and avoid natural frictions at human handoff points within their everyday workflows.

Team Creator

Suggests team additions unfettered by human bias or preconceptions of individual-to-role fit.

DEI Augmentation

Adds engaging behavioral and personality awareness to DEI programs to prevent misinterpreted natural frictions.

Better Decisions Collection

By matching people chemistry to decision processes, Better Decisions provides awareness and guidance to elevate the quality of decision-making across an organization.

Decision Type Selector

Forces the function of classifying decisions into the following types: delegated, broad impact, break the mold, and ad hoc.

Risk Appetite Aware

Examines decision types and risk appetite alignment among decision makers to ensure optimal decision-making best practice for an organization.

Bias Detector

Enables leaders to discover subconscious bias risks within the decision-making group to mitigate their impact on the decision process and outcome.