Understand workplace conflict to save costs and keep it from derailing your team

Friction in the workplace can be very costly. In an opinion piece published in The Training Journal last year, author David Liddle notes that in addition to the average cost of USD$1,200 per employee per year, there are “significant organizational and human costs, too.” A CPP Global study drills this down even further, citing fact… Read More

10 Common Business Scenarios Likely to Cause Friction

Humans are uniquely gifted in the ability to presume that others see the world as they do … or at least “should” see the world that way. This tendency can lead to unintended consequences – particularly in the manager to report relationships in the workplace. But you can turn natural collision points into strengths. “A… Read More

Four critical insights into team chemistry you won’t learn from personality tests

Human Resource leaders and team managers often turn to personality profile testing results for guidance on how to create the harmony desired. But these tests focus on individuals, failing to provide guidance to teams about on the best way to interact with others. Human Resource leaders are increasingly pointing to team success, team chemistry, and… Read More