Collaborative work environments lead to high performance, engagement and remote team success.

According to Forbes, companies that support collaborative working are five times more likely to be high performing. A study of more than 1,100 companies revealed that companies that foster collaborative cultures tend to have higher engagement levels, lower stress levels, and higher success rates. yüMIvü heads conflict off at the pass and replaces it with cooperation and empathy.

High-engagement company cultures see 21% higher profitability. Employee engagement drives a 17% increase in productivity and a 41% decrease in absenteeism.

On the flip side, $7 trillion is the cost of lost productivity for the 85% of global employees not engaged or actively disengaged, according to another Gallup study. yüMIvü keeps employees engaged by delivering new ways to work better together.


There were more than 5 million U.S. employees

working from home at least half the time – even before companies expanded their remote policies in early 2020, according to recent stats.  While “working from home” appears here to stay, it extricates our intuition about other people from the collaborative process. yüMIvü lets you understand what makes your teammates tick even if you aren’t working face-to-face.


Happy employees are five times more likely to stay.

Acknowledging and appreciating employees for their hard work improves retention. Happy employees are five times more likely to stay with their company. yüMIvü makes work more enjoyable and fun.

Disengaged employees are far more likely to quit than engaged ones. A Gallup study declares that top quartile firms in employee engagement exhibit significantly lower employee attrition than bottom quartile firms, with improvements of up to 65% in lower turnover.


Half of workers left a job because of a poor manager.

And the variance in employee engagement scores tied to manager skills is 70%. Not only does poor management have a significant impact on employees, it also has a very real influence on business results. yüMIvü strengthens collaboration by helping managers understand how to strengthen collaboration and eliminate barriers to success.