Add Collaboration Insights to Microsoft Teams and Outlook

Virtual collaboration is essential for modern workplaces. But remember, real people are behind each digital conversation.

yüMIvü works inside of Microsoft Teams and Outlook, embedding collaboration insights directly into the tools your team already knows. Invite others, receive coaching, and enhance team collaboration without leaving Teams or Outlook.

yüMIvü is free for Microsoft Teams and Outlook in the Microsoft Apps Source.

Teams and Outlook integrations can be added in seconds – no programming required. This means your team can start the insights flowing without disrupting your workflow.

Friction-free chats and emails

Confirm the best ways to communicate with your teammates before you start a chat or email. Need a reminder about how to avoid friction points? There's no need to leave Teams. yüMIvü is right beside you with always-updating coaching.

Find out when fun makes all the difference

yüMIvü will help you maintain high team engagement levels, even if team members have different motivating factors. You can easily see who needs fun to stay motivated and who prefers to keep things strictly business.

Learn the best strategy to conduct meetings

yüMIvü uses Microsoft Outlook Calendar to customize meeting guidance, examining the profiles of meeting participants to identify the optimal approaches. When group makeup changes, coaching updates, too.

See when interruptions can crush productivity

You like to check things off, so sending frequent chats and emails is natural. yüMIvü can remind you about who can jump in and out of interruptions and who can’t.