Channel Partners

With the yüMIvü Channel Partner Program, you can grow your client base and increase revenue with current customers by helping add people chemistry to their workflows to make collaboration the best it can be.

Increase Your Revenue Stream

Promote yüMIvü and receive a recurring commission on all paid subscriptions sold. You can also increase your revenue by providing support and professional services and other value-added revenue for your organization – including:

  • Training
  • Organizational, executive, and personal coaching
  • Platform implementation
  • Integration services

yüMIvü Channel Partners have access to the highly insightful Science of yüMIvü series, which advances your understanding of the platform’s insights and potential use cases. Getting started is easy — click here!

No Obligation – No Risk

Join, Promote, and Share the Rewards.

Step 1 – Enroll and Start Promoting

When you join the yüMIvü Partner Program you receive:

  • Free use of yüMIvü for your organization
  • The ability to grant trial access to yüMIvü Pro bundle functionality to clients, customers, or prospects for 60 days at no charge
  • Your logo and sponsorship message in the yüMIvü interface

Step 2 – Collect Revenue Share

Once enrolled, you will receive a percentage of revenue for:

  • All trial accounts that convert to paid accounts.
  • Additional organizations you enroll.
  • Additional services added by yüMIvü for customers connected through you.

Enroll Now

Help Your Customers Improve People Chemistry

yüMIvü transforms team collaboration by adding people chemistry to your customer’s digital and in-person interactions. Start with the free Better Chemistry Collection, which includes:

Friction Finder
Provides share-and-compare insights on how those in a group are “wired.” Then reminds you by displaying color-coded Awareness Alerts to help teams avert natural friction.

Staying Motivated
Identifies intrinsic motivations for each team member and shows how everyone is motivated uniquely

1:1 Team Member Awareness
Uncovers how two people are wired alike or uniquely different.

yüMIvü Means Business

Help your customers improve engagement, collaboration, and buy-in with these unique yüMIvü collections.

Better Meetings
Connect yüMIvü with Microsoft Outlook to give you an understanding of how your meeting attendees are uniquely “wired” and gain guidance for conducting meetings with strong engagement, outcomes, and agreement.

Better Teams
Add the yüMIvü tab to Microsoft Teams to build strong collaboration, avert friction, and build well-aligned teams by identifying the People Chemistry factors key to team success, and then sharing them across common, daily business activities.

Better Decisions
Elevate your decision-process quality across your organization with Better Decisions. yüMIvü identifies risk appetites, negate inherent biases and then provides awareness and coaching for faster, best-fit decisions.

When your clients subscribe, you receive a percentage of revenue. It’s a win-win for you and your customers.