Calculate the Impact of People Chemistry

The Total Economic Impact of the yüMIvü People Chemistry Platform on your organization can be significant. yüMIvü improves people chemistry within 1:1 interaction, group meetings, projects, decision-making, and more to make humans more productive and your bottom line more profitable.

To get your ROI estimates:

  • Answer the questions below about:
    • Your company
    • Your meetings and projects
  • Adjust the slider for the percent of your organization you expect to participate in yüMIvü
    • Include small percentages
    • Remember to think in terms of departments or teams
  • When you’re finished, scroll the Results section to see your savings:
    • At the yüMIvü Free level
    • And at the yüMIvü Pro level

Visit the yüMIvü Pricing page to learn more about free and economical subscription options for your organization.

This ROI calculator is not a guarantee of your actual ROI or results. It is provided as-is and for reference only.