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The People Chemistry Platform™

Learn how you and your teammates are wired to make collaboration the best it can be.

Your Team

Add People Chemistry to Your Teams.

Life is full of diverse people.

Our differences cause friction, reduce effectiveness, and lowers motivation. yüMIvü transforms team collaboration by adding people chemistry to our digital and in-person interactions.

Yet organizations spend millions on systems to structure operations but little on the humans who use it. People who don’t work well together result in a myriad of issue including:

  • Ineffective meetings
  • Misinterpreted emails and online chats
  • Work flows that don’t flow

Technologies work great at keeping teams connected. But they don’t take into account that all humans are different.

yüMIvü shows you how to work the way you’re naturally wired.

Enhance your systems of record with systems of people.

Use the Profile Builder to answer a few key questions and start connecting, sharing, and comparing with others to find how your alike, how you’re different, and where you can find common ground.

As a member of the yüMIvü ecosystem, you’ll receive real-time coaching on individual and group obstacles to high engagement, strengths and motivators, and working in harmony. You can act on the app’s insights to immediately improve compatibility and making working together better.

Dynamic insight within the solutions you use daily.

Add yüMIvü to the collaboration tools like Microsoft Outlook and Teams to improve meetings, chats, and collaboration. When you change who is in or out of your channel and/or on your meeting-invitee list, yüMIvü adjust dynamically, giving you the best path to success for your group makeup – whether you’re working with one or two others or a large team.

yüMIvü Collections for Better Together Everything

    • Friction Finder – helps you navigate through natural differences to avoid conflict.
    • Staying Motivated – learn to adjust to keep motivation high for everyone.
    • PLUS, optional modules to add People Chemistry Insights to everyday activities:
    • Better Meetings – Make meetings and decision buy-in stronger … integrate with Outlook Calendar.
    • Better Teams – Explore where to find Project Chemistry, avoid Workflow Friction, create balanced teams, and integrate into Microsoft Teams to optimize engagement.
    • Better Decisions – See how the Risk Appetite matches to the type of decision being made, learn through Bias Detection what influences you need to be aware of, explore how to achieve lasting Decision Buy-In, and get advice for what Decision Model to select when you are assembling a decision-making team.


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Your Team
Your Team

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