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Project Leaders can make their team more efficient by empowering them to work the way they're wired

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Nearly half of all workplace friction is related to a lack of People Chemistry.

yüMIvü eliminates natural conflict points

yüMIvü helps teams work better together

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The People Chemistry Platform that reveals the best ways to interact with your teammates

yüMIvü dynamically updates its Collaboration Insights when team makeup changes, so coaching is always relevant to your unique group.

yüMIvü is all about yü (you) and MI (me) and our cooperative view (vü).

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Learn about yourself and how working with others is tied directly to your personal success.

Use the Profile Builder to learn how you think and what you prioritize. Once you know about your own wiring, you can start sharing and comparing with others.

A one-to-one comparison with another person gives you the insight into how to best contribute to a team and send your personal and career development soaring.

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Recognize your own tendencies to improve communication and keep your team engaged.

Adjust your natural approach to communicate in a way that resonates with others’ preferences and motivators. Understand what needs to be added to your approach to share and receive information in a way that resonates with everyone on your team.

CASE STUDY: Read how The Mullikin Group helped a large law firm reduce team friction with yüMIvü.

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Unlike personality profiles, yüMIvü focuses guidance on real-time points of team engagement.

Personality profiles have limitations. They don't consider collaboration or the need to adapt. yüMIvü solves this problem.

  • Compare yourself to one person, a small group, or a large team.
  • When members of your group change, so do the insights – refreshing to reflect the individuality each person.
  • Access your personal profile anytime on yüMIvü app, or directly from Microsoft Teams or Outlook.

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When project teams are well aligned, productivity increases by nearly 25 percent.

Friction Finder reroutes natural conflict and makes one-to-one and team interaction stronger.

Gain insights into the differences between you and your teammates. Friction Finder shows you where conflicts are natural and now to avoid them.

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Highly engaged teams boost company profitability by 21 percent.

yüMIvü provides comparisons of how each person’s motivators are different. Then it coaches you on challenges to avoid and what to do to increase motivation. It will also tell leaders when to adjust your approach to keep motivation high for everyone on your team.

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Design workflow handoffs that consider people’s natural wiring.

Learn how to develop workflow handoffs that make sure each person with a responsibility enters the workflow at the right time and gets to interact the way they are wired.

Application screenshot: Decisions

Make better decisions by matching people's chemistry during the decision-making process.

Profitability swings are directly tied to decision quality. Using Better Decisions, you can gain insight into the best way to approach a decision based on how it impacts those involved and their tendencies to make it. yüMIvü classifies decision type, detects risk appetite, and exposes bias risks of each decision maker and of the decision-making team as a whole. Learn more

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Get always-updating collaboration insights inside the programs your team already uses.

yüMIvü works directly within Microsoft Teams and Outlook (coming soon!), so you don't have to log out of the application to get coaching for you and your teammates. Real-time insights adjust when you change who is in (or out) of your Teams channel or Outlook invitation list. Visit the Microsoft Apps Store to add yüMIvü to Teams and Outlook for free.

Application screenshot: Meetings

According to Harvard researchers, senior managers say 71% of meetings are unproductive.

yüMIvü provides continuously updated insights on People Chemistry to create the most suitable meeting structure and effective buy-in strategies for your attendees.

Application screenshot: My Family

The benefit of yüMIvü extends beyond the workday into your personal life.

Compare and improve communication and motivation within groups like family, friends, and teams.

You get to keep your profile and use it to compare yourself to another person or a small group, discovering how you interact best with them.

From free to enterprise-wide, our solutions make working better together.

The quickest and easiest way to explore yüMIvü is the always-free version. For organizations wanting even more insights on how to improve people chemistry within any size team, yüMIvü offers tiered plans. Try the ROI Calculator.

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