Collaboration Insights Spotlights yüMIvü Project Chemistry Platform for High-Performance Teams at HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, Booth #314AE

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LINCOLN, Oct. 9, 2023 – COLLABORATION INSIGHTS ( will demonstrate yüMIvü for High-Performance Teams at the Human Resource Executive® HR Technology Conference & Exposition® in Booth #314AE. The HR Technology Conference will occur at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from October 10 – 13, 2023. As the largest expo showcasing innovative human resources technologies, the event features hundreds of speakers and exhibitors representing all facets of the industry.

yüMIvü provides HCM leaders with real-time insights on team chemistry for better collaboration. Teams can use the free or paid collections to improve daily interactions with features like Friction Finder, Staying Motivated, Better Meetings, Better Teams, and Better Decisions. The platform helps individuals and teams:

  • Find common ground and eliminate friction points
  • Use the best strategy to conduct meetings
  • Build trust and get faster decision buy-in
  • Improve team interaction and clarify expectations
  • Create a more enjoyable and conflict-free culture
  • Discover who to add to a team project or account team
  • Jumpstart the chemistry of ad hoc teams
  • Recognize your unique tendencies

Unlike other assessment recommendations, yüMIvü Insights can be accessed directly from Teams, Outlook, or Microsoft 365. Collaboration Insights designed yüMIvü with scalability in mind to continue to embed insights in other popular team-based productivity tools.

yüMIvü also supports HCM leadership managers with value-added resources, including:

  • DEI blind selection
  • Optimal team formation
  • Motivate and onboard for talent retention
  • Succession planning to identify how a succeeding team member will engage with the team differently than the departing member
  • Retention risk reduction by revealing ways employees can “work the way they are wired
  • Best-fit approaches for communication and motivation related to compensation
  • Strategies for improving productivity
  • Workflow friction detector and avoidance tactics
  • Approaches for tailoring the job to the person, not the person to the job
  • Employee engagement and motivation

“As teams become more collaborative and team members move in and out of projects, the benefits of good team chemistry increase.,” said yüMIvü Board Member Tony Rock.

The app can be used across all aspects of life – work, family, friends, community groups, and more. With yüMIvü, you can see your profile and compare yourself with someone else or your collaboration team. Paid features can be accessed for free for 90 days.

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